ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 2, Issue 23

Volume 2, Issue 23, Autumn 2018, Page 1-444

The impact of the political factor on historical writing trends ( general history books as a model )

Prof. Dr. jasim Yaseen Al drweesh Asst. Lect. Nidhal Mummed Kamber

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 1-36

This study focuseson revealing the impact of political orientation in directing the historical writing by studying samples of general history books for the period of (the third center A.H or ninth A.D) . what is represented by the historians point of view in the contemporary authority whether it is of approval or disapproval revealing its factors of weakness and power , and its impact on the historian , whether in the selection of material or in the employment of the narration in a way that it serves that direction

Mental sciences in the book (briefing in the news of Granada) medicine ,chemist and astronomy as a model

Researcher. Aala Jamil Sailh; Prof. Dr. Issam Gataa Al shuwailly

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 37-64

Medicineof the most important science in every age was interest in him clear through the medical literature and translation more medical books European because they consider the body of man in terms of the sick and the healthy, and the attention was clearly installed drugs was chemistry, which has a link to the installation of drugs, and minerals they have the major role in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries for the metals, and interest in astronomy is the urgent need for science to know that prayer, knowing the Crescents to prove fasting and festive and trend direction.

the Prophet(peace be upon him) was created in the Holy Quran

Asst. Lect . Hassan Thageb Muheel; Prof. Dr. Ali Salih Risan

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 65-90

Begins Prophet Adam story , the first story of God cut us in the Qur'an telling him Almighty angels that will create human beings, and ordered them to prostrate to this creature, reportedly to talk about how the phases of the creation of peace in many fence them, sorat al- Baqarah and sorat al-Imran , fixed and truth we understand from these verses is that what happened in the creation of Prophet Adam was the power of God and his will, he says if he wants something toAigvsomething without his will, though unlike the practice in the world of causes and triggers.

AL Fatimi Minister Yacoub bin Kalas (318-380)H (930-990)A His biography his lif

Researcher. Dhiaa Kadhim Salih; Prof. Dr.Ketham abd Antiysh

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 91-120

The research deals with the personality of the Fatimid minister Yacoubben kels in terms of his name and descent and then his birth and his birth Baghdad during his youth and education and the nature of his work in the field of trade and then move with his family from Baghdad to the Levant and to Egypt .
As fore his family, the historical sources did not mention much about his, but we looked at the folds of these source and found the easies thing about his family .
The research tackled the most important reasons that led IbnKlass to emigrated to Egypt and then we discussed his religion and how he converted from his jewish religion to the Islamic religion, citing several account of the truth of his Islam .
Then we touched upon his death and his attachment to the souls of the Fatimid people and state . We explained the sorrow of the actions he took in the state after his death and reminded us of the legacy left by the son of kelas .
The conclusion of the research in the end and the most important result that we reached and attached to the list contains the most important source and references we relied on .

The Priority of The Creation of Heaven Crumbings Allegiance Ghadeer Khum

Assist Prof. Dr .Rabab Jabar ALSodani Researcher. Doaa Adnan Ramadhan

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 121-152

The allegiance of GhadeerKhum Imam Ali bin abiTallib from exponential Islamic political thought who worked on the sky and put it has been associated with optional heaven for those personal crumbing celestial founds establish and explain to Muslims by this choice .
Among these crumbings that God pertain ths nation prophet Mohammed and the guardian of Imam Ali the primacy of the creation of human existence scarab to Adam as reflected those precedence in three basic axes are illuminating creation and an alikeness of creation and the priority of the naming.

Abdul Qadir Bash Ayan and social role in Basra (1919 – 1946 )

Assist. Prof. Dr. Anwar Gaspe Shanta Researcher. Abdulqader Rahim

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 153-178

After the conclusion of the search , and after addressing the social role the lactase by sheikh Abdul Qadir bash elders , in this period historical period from (1919 – 1946 ) , we found that personal social influential clear and realistic in the visual society , especially in the difficult times experienced by the Basra , floods and disaster in accidents , and in the end things the emergence of personal visual , from a family with long – standing place in the visual community .

The fighter king Alvonso and his role in themovement of the invasion of theSpanish (499 – 529 / 1104 – 1134 )

Lect . Qassim abed Saadoun; Assist Prof. Dr. Anssam Gadban abboud

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 179-232

This research is based on a personal study of the most prominent personalities who ruled the Christian Spain, namely King Alfonso I (499-529 AH / 1104-1134), where the king dedicated his efforts to fight the Muslims and fight their presence on the Iberian Peninsula, The Spanish ( Al reconquista) led military campaigns against Muslims, and wrote success for most of them, until he received the respect and appreciation of the Spanish Christians of old and modern, where he played an important role in ending the Islamic presence in the Upper Andalusian region, and work to recover it and annex it to the Church of Christianity again, He remained under the rule of Muslims around Four consecutive centuries. Through this study we will explain the great role played by this king in the leadership of the AlReconquista .

AL Sa`ad Bin Obada AL Khazraji AL Ansary `s Family

Researcher; Ali; Assist Prof. Dr. Kifaya Tarish AL; Noor Fadhil kadhim

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 233-278

When we leaf through the sources of the history . we find that Arabs in Ignorance age pay great importance to the lineage and tribal affiliation , the formation of families and social solidarity among themselves . Family was thebasic unit that make up the tribe . It`s one of the pillars that can be a weakness or strength point for the tribe .

we have found in Islamic history , a number of families that have a clear impact in changing historical events , sometimes , it have a role in changing Islamic`s state events and its more from one stage to another . One of these families , AL Sa`ad Bin Obada AL Khazraji AL Sa`edy who marked by greatness and fame because of its leader Sa`ad , who is the leader of Khazrij and master of AL Ansar too .

Then his son came to complete his father`s way in defense about Islam and support it . As well as there were other characters from this family that have its social , political , intellectual and administrative role.

Russian position of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 and its impact on Russian relations - US

Assist Lect . Muntaha S. Maula; Assist Prof. Dr. Mishaal M. Dhahir

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 279-310

Able to the British colonies in the Americas to do Bothered that libertarian to get rid of British control weary, and had to Tsarist Russia role in helping those rebellious colonies through the neutrality of those revolutions policy as a result of link their interests with both British sides and those colonies, since Russia was feared for their interests in the north-west coast of British intervention, as well as the desire of the Empress Catherine II in strengthening the affair Tsarist Russia internationally by refusing to help Britain to send Russian soldiers to help Britain and enter as an argument for ending revolutions, so Russia contributed Foreign Caesarean section and its neutral stance during the war of independence in scalable naval power English in front of the US coast through the payment of European countries for the neutrality of the war and the isolation of Britain diplomatically after the announcement of the Russian armed neutrality .

Business and Professions practiced by Basri Women (14 A. H – 132 A. H)

Researcher .Rusul Adil Ni; Assist Prof. Dr. Sabeeh N. K. Al-Hilfir

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 311-324

Basri women participated in different fields of life such as business and professions. Their role was never marginal as only to giving birth, taking care of children and doing some housework's, whereas man is the only one responsible for all the vitality and creativity in the a achievements of civilization. Islam has given women great importance and counted her equal in humanity to man with each one keeping the peculiarity determined by Islam. The study is very important for dealing with the participate of women during the period (14 A. H to 247 A. H.). It clarifies their contribution in the professional field especially the fields spinning. Women had also focused on building spas and digging rivers. Women were interested in digging rivers and naming then after these after women.

The descent of Bani Mardneeshand their Social Status

Assist. Prof. Dr. Husain Jabbar Mchatil; Researcher. Jabir Khalifa Jabir

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 325-370

This research deals with a subject has not been discussed independently, which is the pedigree of (beniMardneesh) and their social status, because they are one of the important Andalusian families that played an active role in the Andalusianhistory during the reigns of (Al-Murabiteen and Al-Muwahideen). However, the sources and historical references did not address, but a little news scattered about. In addition, these sources and references differed in stating the pedigree of the family, and the origin to which they belong. Therefore, this research tried to discuss the views received about the family lineage and it shows all, while mentioning the best. Also, the research addressed extensively the reasons why ( BeniMardneesh ) are known by this title . On the other hand, this research tried to shed light on the social status of ( BeniMardneesh ), as many ancient and modern writers didn’t mention that, and they only gave short news about them. Thus, the research shows the social roles of (BeniMardneesh's) men and women and their eminent status in the Andalusian society.

Educational services in the province Amarah (1958-1963)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ammar Mohammed Kadhim Researcher. Thu Alfikar Farhan Hussein

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 371-408

This research Educational services in the provinceof Amarah after the revolution of July 14, 1958 characteried by the great improvement, which came as a result of orientation of the new government to facing and resolve all the obstacles and problems surrounding the education sector, the work that has been done it is a quantum leap and important in the history of the province comparably to former Royal Covenant represent,expansion and the opening of new schools, primary and secondary education, and attention to the role of teacher training, vocational education, which has seen is also interest in representing agricultural education and school home arts, and what distinguishes the province from other province, public and schoolslibraries that have been created in that period reached up to (12) public library and (148) library School thathad an impact to the development of cultural life and increasing the number of readers.

Administrative Envoys arrived to Abbasia House( 132 – 334 / 749 – 945 )

Researcher . Malik Kadhum Mohammed Al maliki

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 23, Pages 409-444

This research argues the thesis titled the relatation of Al Khilafa Abbasiya by reception the envoys arrival to the House of Al Khilafa Al Abbasi includes First envoys arrived to be won with administrative positions and second envoys arrived to the Al Abbasi khalifa to retrieve their rights from unjust the people and showed the need of cities and states to some general administratrative requirements.