ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 2, Issue 21

Volume 2, Issue 21, Summer 2018, Page 1-400

The Role Granda Women in the Cultural Life 635-897AH/1232-1492 AD

Researcher. Sarah Ramzi Nema Hussein; Prof. Dr. Esam Qatte Dawood AL-Ahweli

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 1-24

The literary contribution of woman , especially female poetry , during Beni Al Al- Ahmer age was highly limited .Most modern researchers agree with this point of view . Lisanudeen Ibnul Khateeb , in his ( Ihata ) book , only mentioned very few female poetesses , despite the fact that he witnessed that age . The same applies to Al Maqqari in his book ( Nafhul Teeb ) .
There is another paradox about two poetesses that the research dealt with, namely (Hafsa Bint Al Haj Al Rikooni and Nezhoon Bintul Qillae ) were not contemporary to Beni Al Ahmer Kingdom(636-897 Hijri) , as Hafsa had died about fifty years before establishing that kingdom i.e in the year 581 Hijri.
The same thing applies to Nezhoon , whom Ibn Saeed noticed that she lived during the Hijri century . So both poetesses were not contemporary to Granada kingdom. But because of their literary significance and because they were from Granada , they were included in this research. Without both women , the literary , and particularly poetic scene, will be pale and insignificant . Both women gave us a distinct picture of the society during that age . Both were glorious poetesses characterized with a vast literary knowledge. Besides , both were active inside the cultural atmosphere they lived in .

Repentance in Islam From The Theft Until the end Of the Umayyad period (Historical Study)

Prof. Dr. Rahiem Heloo Mohammed Albehadli Researcher. Asmaa kadhem Abbas

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 25-54

This research addresses the subject of The Repentance from theft in the Islam until the end of Umayyad's era' historical study' trying to explain the role that sinners repentance played in the community on all levels through repentance that used to be known at that time in which regarding to purity of theft which promise to the community at that time of the shameful and degrading habit that used to be a business for the inhabitants and the tramps that dismissed from the tribe at the Arab before Islam, and the Quran along with the prophet's advices insisted on the repentance from theft.

History Domacan Republic 1492-1844

Asst.Lect. Lutfi Jmeel Muhammad; Prof. Dr. Tipa Khalaf Abdullah

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 55-88

Dominican Republic had a cardinal importance in the Caribbean, in area because of its strategic location. Since the nineteenth century, and after the (Monroe) declaration, the United States became a strong competent to the European powers in the Caribbean area in specific, and the western hemisphere in general.

Roots and features are the student movement1926-1941 in Iran

Prof. Dr. LaylaYassin Hussain Researcher. Majid Mutar Abbas

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 89-120

The research aims to clarify the roots of the first and beginning of the student movement in Iran since the beginning of the nineteenth century coincided with the ruling State Qajar focused on the cultural and political influence and education outside the country on the first groups of university students who went to study in Europe, especially in the mid-nineteenth century and who after their return floated Modern beliefs in the field of education within Iran by assigning them in higher education and educational institutions in universities and schools, as well as worked on the deployment of political and social reforms through constitutional revolution opened new doors to education within the country.
In the first half of the twentieth century Pahlavi power and on the basis of modernization of education tried to eliminate the national elements of democracy and these things have been turned against the system so that some of those who Hsoa their education abroad, such as the Tudeh Party and the National Front.

Bully Alackheh Social Role Through The Journey Of Ibn Battuta in the eighth century AH/ fourteenth AD

Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem AL-Nasrallah Researcher. Sarah Abdul Razzaq Al-Asadi

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 121-144

Has laid Ibn Battuta this kind of mysticism scenes realistic of what he had encountered from groups and their relationship to the community that they are the ideal qualities of the owners when he referred to their adherence to good manners and focused on a range of them fired them boys name was Ibn Battuta wanted to show them a high degree of perfection and solidarity which are the fundamental principles of Islam.

Consolation Ceremonies of Arabs before Islm

Dua Husein Abdul- Jaleel; Asst .Prof. Dr. Rabab Jabbar Alsudani Researcher

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 145-186

The research deals with a social term that the Arabs community knew before Islam, that is consolation. Arabs had special consolation ceremonies before Islam . The research is divided in to two parts : special ceremonies related to the dead done before burial ; and ceremonies special to the family and relative of the dead , and these are the ceremonies followed by the community at the time after finish burial ceremonies

The moral be havior al-hejab for women in the Torat

Saba Ali Abdul Alhussein; Asst .Prof. Dr. Kifaya Tarish AL-Ali Researcher

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 187-214

To Keep the society from spivitual decline for women , we must study the chastity and conformity to accepted rules of conduct between people .
All the religions as well as the Islam religion coneerned with this subject Aloso Torat draw people attention the moral behavior and chastity by many rules in it. As well as , Judais make sure that this subject is very important to make the society live peacefully and honestly.

The British efforts to conciliate Ajami Saadoun(1914-1918)

Researcher. Noor Hassan Khalaf ALataby; Asst .Prof. Dr. Khulood Abdul- Latif Abdul- Wahab

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 215-240

There have been many attempts by Britain in the last years of the first World War, in order to conciliate Shaykh Al Sadoun Ajami Al Sadoun to its side in the war against the Ottoman Empire, as it was one of the main parties that participated alongside the Ottomans in the war , it has seduced power, money and used in order to please him Abdul Aziz Al Saud , the Iraqi officers and members of the Covenant Association , but it was not successful in its quest.

Position of the United States of America from Belgrade Conference of the States Non Aligned 1-6 September 1961.

a Razzaq Fadhil; Asst .Prof. Dr. Nadhim Reshm Researcher. MatuqAla

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 241-268

This Research Tries to Shed light on the United States Position From the Belgrade Conference of the Non-Aligned 1-6 September 1961, as it Shows that the latter was Very Much Interested in that Conference and Tried to Influence the Yugoslav Government Through American Diplomacy so that the Decisions of the Conference in the Interest of the Government of Washington, In Spite of These Attempts, however, US Efforts have been Unsuccessful Because of Tito Pursue a Hostile Policy Toward United States of America and Loyal at the Same Time to the Soviet Policy, Which is Significantly Affected US - Yugoslav Relations During the Subsequent Phase.

Uprising in East Germany 1953

Asst .Prof. Dr. . Hussein Abdel-Qader Mohi AL- Tamimi; Researcher. Saad Ali Hassan AL-Asadi

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 269-322

The purpose of the research is to study the uprising of East Germany in 1953, which is one of the uprisings job then and return their importance as they seek to racist time and place, On the point of time it erupted in a period in which the Cold War has crystallized in Mlhod between the two camps east and west, in addition to that she was one of the first uprisings in Eastern Europe and that has raised fears the Soviets that affect the rest of the Soviet influence in Eastern Europe, and the place they erupted in the area is very important, a Germany which was then the cause of the outbreak of two world wars and the strategic task was teased competition and a struggle for control for strategic reasons, was the United States believes that Germany is generally the wall real hard, which can be a strong barrier generally more communist expansion, while the Soviets wanted to East Germany starting point for dissemination of communism toward Western Europe, and had these two forces the ability to decide the fate of the world and that appeared on both sides of the balance power, and the back of what is known (the double polar) , in spite of the Uprising ended at The hand of Soviet , but has Achieved many Results.

Assayida Umm Ul – Banin Fatimah bintHuzam Al – Kulabiya (peace be upon her): A study of her Biography and Respected status

aimah; Asst .Prof. Dr. Sabeeh Nuri Khalaf Researcher. Aalaa Hasan T

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 323-374

This research tackles the biography of AssayidaUmm Ul – Banin ( peace be upon her ) and her respected status since she is a historical personality who devoted her life for Islam and Ahlubayt. This great woman whose God has provided with a divine providence was able to endure and resist all the challenges of time , maintaining her strong personality despite the difficult circumstances and situations . And those who examine the history of her life discover the noble features of her sons that elevated their humanity and thus they became eminent men of dignity and honor . This dignified woman lightened the path of goodness and reformation for her important role and high status for Almighty God . Her immaculate biography influenced her respected position in history .

khmgin rote of the intellectual in Andalusia(138-635 AH / 755- 1237 AD) (Koran sciences amotel)

Asst .Prof. Dr. Ali sadam nasr Alah Researcher .Dunea Waleed Zachee

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 21, Pages 375-400

The study of tha Arab tribes of the Importanant studies in terms of origin and its branches and its rote in all aspects of society whether the muslims community was in general or particular community Antalusin And luhm tribe is one of the most prominent Yemeni tribes that settle in Andalusia since the early era of the its history and it had amagor role in various aspects of life especially the intellectual side so this research it came to highlights the role of Alkmyin in this aspect especially religious sciences Namely the horan Sciences in two branches readings and interpretation which attracted significant interest from the andalusiaus including Alhmyin who showed aclear advantage where because of which is come to know the correct reading of the Koran and understand its meaning as that person is not a gurist or up to date or speaking unless a word science Koran.