ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 2, Issue 19

Volume 2, Issue 19, Spring 2018, Page 1-373

Political circumstances in Lebanon1975-1976 and the formation of the Government of Salim Hoss

Zainab Shakier Abdul Razzaq; Lazem Lafta Al Maliky

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 1-31

Lebanon witnessed during the years 1975-1976, a war, called the two years war , between the internal forces represented by the Christian Right whose leader was Bayar Al Jumail , the president of the Lebanese Phalange party , which was fighting to maintain the political gains obtained after French mandate over Lebanon in 1920 on the one hand , and between the Islamic Left whose learder was Kamal Jonboladt , the president of the Democratic progressive party, which was fighting to obtain agreater role in the political process,on the other hand.

Marriage at arabic society before lslam

Zahraa Fahad Taresh; Raheem Helo Mohammed

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 32-66

This reseaerh includes study about marriage in arabic Muslim,s society, and we did our best to show the differences and stages of marriage starting with the engagement wedding and ending with polygamy which was so spread at Arabic society before lslam.

External Policies of the Secforian States Towards Spanish King Doms

Usam Gati Dawood; hanya salman abd alhamead

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 67-100

This thesis deals with the foreign policy of the states of denominations toward the Spanish kingdoms and the effects of this policy of both the Spanish parties and the states of denominations.Since the Islamicconquest, the island of Andalusia was a home of parties that are different in religion, culture and ethnicity, including Muslims conquerors of Andalusia from Arabs and Berbers, and those who joined the Islamic State of Alsqalbh and Mauldinon one hand, and the Christians in the kingdoms of the north on the other.This policy did not stop at the level of conflict between these two forces, but it extended to friendly relations that produced foreign policyaway from wars.The relations of states of denominations were not only invasions and wars, but also included marriage, treaties as well as alliances between the Christians and the denominations .

Arrangement and Preparation for Pilgrimage ( Hijj ) Campaigns in the Late Abbasid Era 334 – 656 A.H ( 945 – 1258 A.D )

hamid Jarrah Farhan; Rabab Jabar Al- Sudini

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 101-138

This research studies the duties and responsibilities of Hijj supervisor , his assistants and rites of his assuming the post and the calling for Hijj and the farewell and reception df the pilgrims .The research also mention how the caravans were arranged and how the march was proceeding in addition to the expenses incurred on the arrangement during the march or inside the two sacred cities of Mecca and Medina .

The Biography of Yahia bin Saeed Al-unauawi

Aia Badr Malik; Kifaia Taresh Al- Ali

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 139-165

The research studies the life of the narrator Yahiya bin saeed AL - Amawi . He lived a period during the reign of Hisham bin Abd Almalik AL- Amawi till the reign of AL Ameen AL Abbasi . The research states his name , origin , birth , place of settlement ,growth, political belief and ideology,He was a Shiite supporting the imams of Ahl Albeit(peace be on them)in spite of being from bani Ummaya.In addition ,the research deals with the events he witnessed and their ebbects an him and his death .

The freedoms of thought in the permanent Iraqi constitution for 2005 study in the legal and political guarantees ""

Hadeel. H. Sewan; Aqeel .M.Abed

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 166-240

The Freedom of Thought received a great importance among the total human rights issues and got protected by the majority of constitutions of the world countries. This leads to devote its issue at the constitutions to add the constitutional protection because of these the highness at the contexts upon the different legal articles. However ,the study try to answer about this question : Does the Iraq's Constitution for 2005 protect the freedoms of thought from restriction or limitation? How can it be determined the core of the right or the freedom and how can we measure the activities of the national warranties to protect these freedom from being breached ?Thus , we divided the research into three chapters: The First Chapter dealt with definitions of Freedoms , The Second Chapter dealt with legal warranties , The third chapter deals with the political warranties .The research was ended with conclusion and recommendations.

the United States of America and the Coup in Cyprus July 15,1974

Zahra Ahmed Abdulzahra; Nadhim ReshmMatuq

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 241-267

The research aims to shed light on the attitude of the United States of America from the Cyprus coup on the 15th of July , 1974 and resulted in the overthrow Cypriot President Makarios, and the American administration followed with great interest, and it became clear from the documents that were not supported by the belief of American foreign policy makers, it is possible to lead to destabilize the island, and at the same time lead to the intervention of Turkey to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots, which may lead to a war going on between them and Greece, which led to the cracking of NATO intervention and the Soviet Union in Cyprus.

Nationalist Political Parties and Organizations in Somalia (1943-1950)

am Abdul Adheem Shaheen; Ammar Fadhil Hamza

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 268-292

Somlia has seen during world war political and social developments represented in the growth of the national sense of national consciousness in popular circles and the emergence of national political parties and organizations that have made the public interest and the independence of the country most important goals, aunit somalia youth party in ltalian Somalia party and the Somali National League in British Somalia and Djibouti port workers union Guy French Somliland .

Causes and Effects of Book Waste in Basra (41- 334 / 661 946 A. H )

Dhikra Muhammad kadhum

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 318-348

The reasons Behind loss and damage of books could be subjective , natural , political and religious . The ruling authorities are used to liquidate their supporters and opponents alike right form the beginning by damaging their books and particularly those that contain ideas other than those of the ruling power or its doctrine or information. Therefore , the majority of books damaged by the ruling powers are those written by scholars some of whome are accused of infidelity , atheism and deviation form Islam . Several books were also lost because of the different military attacks against Basrah throughout its history like those of Al – Zinj ( the Blacks ) and Qaramita who destroyed and ruined the city and eradicated its cultural and intellectual features .

Social The social and political role of woman in the beyond city river during the Umayyad Period until the end of Samani state 41-389A.H /661- 998-A.D

Rasha Abdul Karim Falih AL-Musawy

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 19, Pages 349-373

It is not easy to know the social and political status of women in Mesopotamia (beyond the city river)owing to the rarity of historical information in old ages and Islamic ages . so, the study focuses on, knowing the status and position of women and their social and political roles. The stage was considered an important in the history of city river which affected in changing the political course of some ancient kingdoms there and what followed after in the change of political relations among those kingdoms and the effect of old traditions and customs in the social relations of the people in those kingdoms.
The study depends on the texts and versions mentioned or reported in books of geography and the translations that contributed to the mentioning of various or numerous historical aspects or sides that had role in Mesopotamia and reflections on the social life there . the historical sides differed in their importance and had various materials , and all these have been mentioned in footnotes of the study .