ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 2, Issue 17

Volume 2, Issue 17, Spring 2018, Page 1-380

The Religious Life of the Sufis of Iraq and Bilad AL sham From 700 A.H

Naji Hussein and; Sahar mahdi Ahmed

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 1-35

Abstract ..
After ending the mysticism worship research with its five kinds that included : The glorification , the prayer , the alms , the charity , the fasting and the pilgrimage , what it was included of practices for this religion rites .We found the bases of the mysticism worship are not different on Islam bases who the prophet Mohammad gave it to us from great god.
Which it is about to be the same bases , which refuted some opinions that returned the mysticism and the mystics out the Islamic limits, and attributed them to groups out on the Islam.

The position of the United Nations and UNRWA Of Palestinians displaced in the war 1967

Pro lazim laft a Thiab Al maliky and zahraa Razzaq Hussein

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 36-77

The importance of the intended subject of this study is to highlight the fact that the political rolePlayed by the United Nations in resolving the issue of displaced Palestinians, which arose after the attack in the fifth of June 1967As it did not succeed in the UN decision is required Israel to withdraw from Palestinian territories And Arab territories it occupied after the attack in the fifth of June 1967,After the failure of the United Nations in achieving the return of the displaced Palestinians after the 1967 aggression, Entrusted to their responsibility and the responsibility of UNRWA, which was quick to work on relief and assistance to refugees and displaced new After hostilities through the implementation of the emergency program for the relief of refugees and displaced Palestinians

Cities and Civilizational sites in the west side of the Dead Sea ( 500 BC – 1500 BC)

Ali Salih Risan AL Muhammadawy and Amir AbduL Latif

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 78-103

This research aims to study the cities and urban centers which originated near the Dead Sea that had a major role in reviving the area and economic prosperity. Such cities have been contributed in different roles of political and military level, and it was the center of attention of all the forces that swept the region starting from the Egyptians pharaohs and the Hittites, and after them, the forces that come from Land of Two Rivers. Canaanites set up most of these cities and urban sites, especially Jericho, which is the first Canaanite cities that fortified with walls.

Social Mufakhart when Alallaween from the era of the message until the year 220 AH - 835 AD Historical Study

Rabab Jabbar Tahir Alsudanei and Ali Hussein NafaL Nafi

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 104-133

The pride social of the most important kinds of pride among the Arabs, has been used by Alallaween well this technique emeritus, but for different reasons and goals Semitic, and most important of those goals is to prove their status large Muslim community, and the definition of links to the document character of the Holy Prophet (r) and his great, it was pride social when Alallaween.

The Coup of 27 th May and The End of The Democratic Party Government

Khu lood Abdul Latif and Ataired Abdul ameer Hoshan

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 134-173

The research aims to shed light an a period considered of the most important historical periods in Turkey ,it is the start of the military intervenient in the government and the start of military coups . It deals with the coup of 27th of may 1960 and the end of the Democratic party Government to illustrate the relation of the Democratic party with the military institution since its establishment in 1946 and the nature of this relation and its development till the coup night in 27th of may 1969. The research also focuser an the main characters who planned to do the coup . It is very important because it is the first military coup in the modern history of Turkey.

Anarrator sheiks Al-waleed bin Hisham Al-Qehthmi

Kifauya Tarish AL Ali and shraAf Abdul Hasan Gadhban

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 174-206

Al-waleed bin Hisham Al-Qehthmi was a narrator ,he died in(222 A.H-836A.D),he lived in the Apasit first era, he was anarrator in that period he lived in . Al-Qehthemi cited from more than (45) sheiks as his father Hisham Bin Quhthem and his uncle Al-Muhaber Bin Quhthem and Muslima Bin Muharib Al-Ziadi Al-Qufi and others who had voles and outstanding scientific position , some of them were from Basra and others were from different Islamic countries, Historians agreed that Al-Quhthmi was died in (222A.H)

Theexpenses ofthe house ofyour moneytothe Abbasidcaliphs (158-320AH/774-932AD)Expenditureon special

Sabeeh Noori KhaLaf and; Zainab Abdul Hafidh Jasim

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 207-228

The research aims to shed light on what was spent by the Abbasid caliphs inprivate parties, a wedding and circumcision ceremonies, as well as expenses in concerts pleasure and amusement, and their gifts for singers and Almlhen during these concerts, and research shows the extent of over kill that was happening to them, where the caliphs Panther money of gold and silver and jewels and patches territories,as well asprecious perfumes.

Mongol invasion of the signs of Russian (1237-1241 AD)

Mishaal Mifrih Dhahir; Alaa Issa Abood

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 229-261

The Mongol invasion had was based on the idea of a private Mughal represented in political theory - the religious on the grounds that Genghis Khan wanted to be king of the world at the time, and so the title of the same title Genghis Khan this in political terms, it is the religious aspect has been considered himself (Son of God) and his successor on the ground , took this theory a set of laws and strict laws that protect and ensure its survival and continuity. But he defended the invasion was for expansion and access to pasture and booty. And resulted in military campaigns led by the Mongols for control of the United Arab Emirates Russian success was stability in the country Alqubjaq.

The influence of the Abbasid House Women on the political decision making (132-447 A. H/749-1055 A. H)

Adil Ismail khalil; Sara Abdul Hussein Taha

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 262-284

The political decision has a profound influence on the social case, for it represents the pulse of the community and the social interactions and outcomes at the level of individuals and groups, and perhaps to follow the role of women in political decision making is the most prominent faces of reality, especially in the Abbasid era. A group of women has ruled, the same as any governor or commander impose himself with his strategic sense, and that what made them authoritative in political decision – making.

Mutahary and Islam: His History and Awareness

Dhameer oda Abid Ali

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 285-299

Mutahary aims in his cultural speech to open the window of history on the Islamic awareness to utilize the outcome of the original values in Imam Hussein’s revolution (peace be upon him) and to draw the attention to the danger of inappropriate behavior which may offend the permanent grants of the revolution and doesn’t participate in the correction of the negatives of our modern world and he exposed in another speech the trial of some leaders to use nationalism in order to blur Islam and he proved that the loyalty of the Iranian nation is to Islam along history and is a proof of superiority of Islam over nationalism in its ability to unite people.

Fines In The Ancient History Of Iraq

Saja Ibraheem Mohammed

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 300-318

Research shows us that the old customs in Iraq return its assets to religious trials were conducted by priests and clerics hare been in many provision not be or become arranged from fines and the loss of a person who is fined all its assets and deliver them to the prosecutor as she reached the most penalties for retaliation financial penalties rather than corporal punishment and fine tradition is a signifieant cause in maintaining order and subsequently became part of the bases of the civilization beeausr commitment Norms in paddy and then took their strength from the belief that people need to organize their lives and non-customs .
Code and legislation and Obligations from the legislative body issued a coup because religious customs to customs is Obliged by offering ideas and fine tune souls where he saw people going out habits don't deserve wrath God but must face a corroborator or implied.

Owners of Occupations and Crafts Andalusia during both Times of Emirate and Kilafa. (138-422 A.H/755-1030 A.D)

Qustas Abdul satar Hammed

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 17, Pages 319-350

The research aims to study the employers professions and trades in the Andalusian society and their role in the abuse of various professions and trades that led naturally to the diversity of trades and professions in this region, has made this activity on the main pillars, the first availability of raw materials, and the second: the availability of labor competent, acquired skillsprofessional and craftsmanship of new migrations Masharqa Andalusians to various cities, resulting in a diversity of experiences, and revitalize economic lif .