ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 2, Issue 15

Volume 2, Issue 15, Winter 2018, Page 1-349

the policy of the united states of America towords kongo 1942-1960

Basim Himza Abbas; Mushtaq Idan ubaid; Basim Himza Abbas and Mush

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 1-32

Lt Describes show to the researchers shed light on U.S. policy toward the Congo 1942-1960 appeared that the United States began its interest in Congo since dropped off hear troops in Africa in 1942 after its Participation in World War II and began hear attention through hear interest in economic and political strategist which escalated after 1955 and down to the follow-up process of Congolese independence in 1960 for fear of turning the country link toward the Soviet Union.

The cultural root of weird and strange in Arabic sources

Rabab Jabar Al-Sudani and .Farah Fadhel Sharhan

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 33-96

This research addresses the subject of the civilization root of weird and strange in Arabic Islamic sources in terms of linguistic and terminological concept of weird and strange and also the origin or whence came this wonderful and bizarre incidents filled with books, proved the vulnerability of people with legends and myths and also the impact of other civilizations and influence the people of the book and the stories of the days of Arabs before Islam .

Avenge some of the men of the Umayyad rule of opponents and their opponents

SabeehNooriKhalif and Buthanh Adel Umran

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 97-142

Notes Orbiter Date Umayyad state whether rulers of the house Sufiani or home Marwani they applied principle famous(end justifies the means) staging ugliest methods compulsive and Committed expose crim es inviolable principles true Islamic religion and moral valuesin herniated against those who raised their flags revolution to over throw their oppress iveor barred from continuing to rule and stick with ach air succession based on the election and the Shura Council, which turned it into a hereditary system is confined at home Umayyad only continued this hatred black on the house of the Prophet(peace beep on them) during the Umayyad period and then marched on approach Abbasid safter them

Mohammed Bin Ubaid Allah AL-Utbi ( 228 A. - 843 A.D)

Mohammed Ahmid AL-Rikabi; Dr.KifiaTarash Al-Ali and

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 144-187

M0hammed Bin Ubaid Allah ALUtbiALamawi is regarded 0n 0f the greatest chronics who lived at the end of first A.H century till the beginning of the third A.H CENTURY . He wrote various and important historical events . He represented Basrah Historical School for he took his novels from its Scientists and famous figures . He has his own historical and literary heritaye . He was a n0velist and apoetfpr he left a good influence in the Arabic and Islamic history . this research included AL.utbis career :- his name , family, birth ,personality , the ago he lived and his death.

Political Developments in Czechoslovakia 1918 – 1968

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 212-259

Czechoslovakia is one of the most important countries of Eastern Europe which emerged after the second world war in 1918 as a result of the union of Czechoslovak and some separated districts from Austria and Magyar , with the agreement of the victorious countries in the war . these countries passed through critical challenges from their emergence till the day of their disunion . The researcher finds it important to study the period from the emergence to 1968 which represents an international crisis that spread all over the communist world with the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Report elements of the public in Ancient Iraq

Alya Sadiq Ashoor

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 260-283

The research aims to study the report elements of public people in ancient Iraq . The basic for report is writing which starts between (3000 – 3500 bc) . It was different from the writing we know nowadays .it was represented by picture and symbols that meant certain ideas . writing has a great benefits on language development . Because of writing we manage language and report its remarks .
For inventing writing we need many elements . The most important of these elements is the system that specifies it in addition to the materials of writing .

Biography of Sayid Ameer Mohammad Al-kadhimi Al-Qizwini

far Abdullah Ja; far Al-Temimi

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 2, Issue 15, Pages 322-349

This paper is about clergyma Sayid Ameer Mohammad Al-kadhimi Al-Qizwini , Who was born in Kuwait principality in 1918 when his father sayid Mohammad Mehdi Al-Qizwini was the clergyman of Kuwait who was sent and assigned for that purpose by the religious authority of Al-Najaf in 1909 Then, after another order by the same religious authority, his father moved with his family to Basrah, south of Iraq in 1926 wher he became one of its prominent clergymen. He was obliged to leave Iraq at the end of December, 1971 to Kuwait where he died in 1994.