ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 1, Issue 23

Volume 1, Issue 23, Spring 2018, Page 1-470

Prophecy of the Prophet of Mohamed- peace be upon him- in the Old Testament

Prof. Dr. Rachid Kohouss

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 1-14

This research talks about the study and the analysis of a group of paragraphs from the Old Testament, which confirm the Prophecy of Mohamed –peace be upon him- and talks about the former prophets that have given tidings about his coming, his message and The Holy Land in which he would be sent.
Despite the alternation of the Old Testament by the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks, And despite all the efforts that they have Exerted to obliterate every paragraph or word that mention to the Prophecy of Mohamed –peace be upon him- and his mission, his status, his virtues and his imperishable message, many proofs still confirm his true prophecy.
This shows the complete wisdom of Allah, and his evidence upon those who earned His Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians), and in order that the believers’ faith, certitude and adherence of their religion and their prophet grow.

Political Relations Manifestations Between Egypt And Libya from The Islamic Conquests To the End Of Wulat (Governors) Period

Dr. Adam Muhammad Hassan Al Bakr; Dr.Tarig Abu-Alwafa Mohamad

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 15-56

There is no doubt that the study of relations is one of the vital and social studies as it enriches aspects of knowledge, especially since there are links between Egypt and Libya as old as human rights contributed to the social fabric between the two brotherly countries. There are historical, cultural and geographical links between the two countries. This resulted in the experiences of the people of Egypt and Libya. The two countries went through similar conditions, which were ruled by the Byzantine state before the Arabs came. There were also commercial relations between them. North.
The study found the following results:
The proximity of the two countries' location has resulted in direct relations and they resemble the beads of the contract if the love of the whole contract breaks outThe stages of the two states' opening ended with negotiations between the Arabs and the Romans.
• The two states were opened by Amribn al-Aas
The study adopted the historical method for the purpose of gathering and analyzing information for the study of the two countries.

The Policy of United States of America Towards the Austrian Question under President Eisenhower 1953-1955

Prof. Dr. Farouk Salih Alomar; Assist. Lect. Tahseen Ali Hussein

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 57-116

It received the Austrian case with interest President Eisenhower administration after his victory in the US presidential election and the inauguration to the presidency of the United States in early 1953, coinciding with the Julius Raab win the election Austrian, who has taken a policy based on finding a balance in the relations between the western and eastern camps, and the change in the Soviet government after the death of Soviet leader Stalin in March 1953, and the announcement of the new Soviet leadership for its willingness to enter into negotiations on the outstanding issues between the East and the West, was to those events a positive impact on negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union, Britain and France over Austria throughout the period (1953-1955), which Achtmt in the fifteenth of May 1955 signed the Treaty on the independence of Austria by the four countries .

The social impact of the four ambassadors of Imam Mahdi (AJ) on the Shiite community Twentieth century in Iraq

Prof. Dr. Ammar Nassar; Assist. Lect . Esra Amin

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 117-152

The system of prosecution or agency formed a link between the imams of the Twelve Shiites and their followers. They are of two types, either in a special case through which a deputy appointed by the imam or a public prosecutor is appointed on behalf of a specific person. Great
The great imams of Ahl al-Bayt (u) established a network of agents in various regions and during the search for the roots of this system we find that some go to it was in the era of Imam Sadiq (u) while some researchers considered that the system of prosecution dates back to the era of Imam Kadhim that the term Agency Did not crystallize in the form that appeared in the days of the military Imam, but went through the stages of evolution has taken over time form a more extended and influential and organized from the former and the circumstances experienced by the late imams imposed on them to give more powers to act and take positions more than
The former and this enabled them to be later in the days more powers than their predecessors
men who were issued some documentation and talk about what they described as trustworthy and reliable were the financial agents of the imams and that these documents are related to and related to the computational matters, and they were not in fact scientists, They were not references in science, teaching, and fatwas, but their documentation was aimed at restoring Shiites to them as a proper channel for the delivery of legitimate rights, not as a reference in the sciences of religion.
It was not easy to estimate the annual income of the area, for the complete secrecy surrounded by the ambassadors of their transactions, but some of the signals received For some of what came to the holy area of money.

The Migration of Al – Andalus jews to Al – Maghrib – al – Awsat

Asst .Prof. Dr. Amirat Mohammed Amine

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 153-172

La présence juive à Tlemcen a conduit à la complexité des lectures dont la classifications de la lecture, certains est cognitive se soucie historique, économique, social et culturelles et certains idéologiquement fondé sur la légitimité politique et religieuse était donc plus digne de nous de se soucier de cette présence à travers la lecture historique qui a incarner notre dimension relationnelle entre l'Andalousie et le Maghreb centrale sur les niveaux commerciaux et culturels et essayer d'apprendre plus sur le bien-fondé de cette migration.

The Andalusian City of Talamaca 93-478 AH – 711-1085 AD

Asst .Prof. Dr. Hussein Jabbar Alaleaoa; Prof. Dr. Jassim Yassin AlDarwish

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 173-214

City Talamaca located in Althagger East Andalusian in the northwest of it, and the Muslims are opened within the year 93 AH / 711 AD and inhabited by many Berber and Arab tribes, but they soon fell to the Christians after less than two fifths of its opening because of discord and civil war between Muslims which occupied the country at the end of the era of the governors, but the Muslims were able to retrieve and reconstruction in the reign of Prince Muhammad bin Abd ar-Rahman II (238-273-H / 852-886m), and continued to play a role in Althagr until the fall by the Christians in 478 AH / 1085 AD.
The search within the three concepts, the first devoted to the study of its name and its geography and nature, and the second dealt with the political history from the Conquest to the fall, and the events happened their , while highlighted the third concept on the intellectual movement and the contributions of scientists in some different fields of science .

The position of the scholars of Egypt and their consequences from the plight of the creation of the Qur'an (228-234 AH / 833-848 AD)

Asst .Prof. Dr. RaeidHumood al Husonah

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 215-252

The plight of the creation of the Koran is one of the most prominent forms of ideological violence in the third century AH, after the adoption of this issue by the Caliph Al-Ma'mun (198-218 AH) .
This research sheds light on the attitude of Egypt's scientists and their predecessors from that ordeal and focuses on Egypt's historical, religious and political importance in the Islamic world .
The research consists of a preliminary and a number of researches, the first of which deals with the position of the Egyptian scientists during the rule of almamun(198-218AH) ,The second part focuses on the attitude of the scholars during the rule of Mu'tasim(218 – 227 AH). The third focused on the same position during the rule of alwathik(227 – 232 AH ). The fourth one highlights the end of the ordeal during the rule of al-Mutawakil( 232 – 247 ) in234 AH .

Historical development of accounting thought through the era

Researcher. Bouaziz Cheik; Dr. Selhami Samia

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 253-266

Accounting is considered from the social sciences,it is necessary tools for recording and analysis of financial statements , In order to process and safety the business works , especially in the present era where there are a several variables, and which is difficult to control it , like a globalization.
Certainly, the ancient and contemporary civilizations has been based for some variety of business, economic and administrative activity , as we find that they confronted several problems concerning the basis of economic and financial regulation process of this activity , and so with the help of different ways of accounting rules which vary according to the time period.
It is worth mentioning that the accounting science has seen several developments in the formal and practical side , in this paper , we will try to highlighted the most historic stages who accountancy across in the era , starting from prehistoric times right up to our time.
Keywords: History - accounting -Double-entry bookkeeping -Basioli - Italy

Love of the propht muhammed,peace be upon him in the quran and sunnah historical study

Asst .Prof. Dr. Adill Ismaeal Khalil

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 267-310

Allah has enjoined love for his akram messenger Mohammed, may Allah peace upon him and his family and him making them from the ranks of the faith , and attributes of Islam because the human psych when , I knew what love the meanings humanity demonstrated the highest forms walked towards perfection and beamed with compassion and goodness and piety vzhdt world and worked for the hereafter .

Introduction to the study of the dignity of the mystical speculative and paranormal in the seventh and eighth centuries A.H.

Asst .Prof. Dr. Najih Jajih Jameel Al-Safi

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 311-326

There are some suppositive doubts about the extraordinary and esteem of Sufis during the seventh and eighth centuries. These doubts seem virtual from the first point. At the end we decide that these extraordinary never come from the concrete scientific reality.
These are all imaginative things. They should not like the miracles of Prophets and Messengers and their virtues. It would not happen with loyal man to show his worshiping, if it happens, it is forsaking of Satan.
Abo Al-Nassir Al-Siraq Al-Toosi, died at 378A.H., identifies that these esteems are gracious of science forming according to the understanding of scientists and legists. Those Sufis are specialized in solving problems. It is obvious that negotiating with ones who against Sufism and defending Sufis no longer stand in front of checking and searching the real contexts. Most of the Sufis Checking in order to cooperate between the methods of Sufis and Legists who deduce the rules from the religious contexts and especially from Quran.
Most of the Sufis consider these extraordinary real, but are against Islam, so they apparently look charities but they are not in real because they belong to Satan. So, the standard of outstanding is Sharia.

Banu Wanudin and their role in the State of the Muwahdian

Asst .Prof. Dr. Ali Saddam Nasr Allah

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 327-416

BanuWanaudin Berber origin family, belong to the tribe HntathAlmsamudah, and attributed to the dean Yusuf bin Wanaudin, it has played a significant role in the history of the Muwahdian since the beginning of their call at the hands of the Mahdi Mohammed bin Tumart in about the year 514 AH / 1120 AD and until the end of an era state and specifically the year 665 AH / 1266 AD, which represented the beginning of the last Testament short KhalifaAl-Wathiq(665-668h / 1266-1269m). This may represent a role in the dissemination of the Almohad call, and the military leadership in Morocco and Al-Andalus, and the associated political role Crossing for their contribution to the pillars of the state Almohad at the stage of the force, also it represents this political role in the siding to some royal family members and their support at the expense of others the other at the stage of the weakness of the state and internal dissent, as well as the administrative role by taking over some of its members be appointed a Minister and jurisdiction over some of the cities and regions of Morocco. It has helped this great role that I got it built and Wanaudin family in the State of the Muwahdian, Msaratha to embrace a call IbnTumart, and loyalty to the family Almohad ruling in general, holding some of its members affinity relationships with them, as well as military and administrative efficiency that characterized some of its members. And then the family has been living worthy to examine their role in the uniform, that role, which is not available by the end -alyAlmna- independent study or implied.

lraqi-kuwait relations after year 2003

Dr. faraqd dawood salmanLec

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 417-446

characterized Iraqi- Kuwaiti relations over the previous years tug of war continuing once because border problems between the two countries, and again because the ownership of Kuwait to lraq , it come the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait crisis, further complicating matters complexity ,after the usa occupation of lraq year 2003,lraq tried to build bridges with Kuwait,however,the recent every time the impact of problems lead to strained relations between the file of compensation the prisoners the problems of the border,ruledon any sign of hope abdominal last page.

Annotations of Allegorical and Historical Characters in Mohammed EidAraimi's Translation of George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

Researcher. Noran Saeed Yaqoob; Asst .Prof. Dr. Hana Al- Bayyati

Journal of Historical studies, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 447-470

In the field of literature, there is a difference between real characters and the fictional ones. A real character presents names of individuals whose identities are true in real life, the same way they are presented in the literary work. An allegory is mainly a fiction story that helps in communicating messages that conveys diverse meanings. The characters are more than what they seem in the story. Some of them are used in representing ideas or events (DiYanni, par.1).
Allegory involves a story where the characters serve more than one purpose in the story. Allegorical characters are usually fictional characters. It is clear that the use of animals in Orwell's Animal Farm have helped the reader to relate the conduct of such animals as opposed to real Russians and their behavior.