ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 0, Issue 22

Volume 0, Issue 22, Autumn 2017, Page 1-382

The role of moshashian in development of Arabic poetry in the south of iran and iraq

Asst .Prof. Dr. Rasool Balawi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Moshashaee`s princedom was established in southern Iran in 1436 A.D and took Howeize as its capital. While Mohsen bin Falah(866-914 L) wasin power, there were some revolutions here and there in Iran and Iraq. This assisted this governor to expand his power from Khuzestan to Bandar Abbas, parts of Booirahmad, Lorestan, Kermanshah, southern Iraq and also parts of the Arab Iland. This was all at the time when literature was in its so called downfall. Moshashaees held their reign tight from the ottoman's attacks. They built schools and brought together poets and writers and rewarded them. So, culture and literature was revived again during the Moshashaee's power. Many poets were well known in this period of revival in Ian and Iraq such as Shahab Aldin Almoosawi, Ali bin Khalaf Almoosavi, Ebn Rahma Alhoweizi, and Hashem Alkabi and Abdel Azim Alrabii. Alhough these men were Iranian, they were in commute to Iraq. They worked on many aspects of poetry and they invented the " Band" which was an initiative for free poetry then. In this study we focus on Arabic Poetry in Iran and Iraq during the supervision of Moshashaees power. Too, we focus on the works and reasons that helped in the revival of this period .Also, how these two countries had shared culture and literature is studied.
Keywords: Arabic poetry, Moshashaee, Iraq, Iran.

Some examples of prophecy era’s women’s love to the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him

Prof. Dr. Rachid Kohouss

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research confirms the obligatory of loving the prophet Mohamed (pbuh), and its effect on the building of good man, through presenting some known examples of the prophecy era’s women’s love to the prophet (pbuh).
It has studied the the love of Khadija, mother of faithful, may Allah be pleased with her, through her full care, special interest and deep love to the prophet (pbuh). She has been the first faithful, and it’s she who has believed him, strengthened him and consoled him with her money.
The research has studied also the love of Um Ammar wife of Yasser (may Allah be pleased with her) to the prophet (pbuh) until she died a martyr.
Then, Zinira, Loubayna and Nouhayda, slave girls who had loved him, believed him and stayed on his staight path.
On the path of precedent women, Asmae daughter of Abi Bakr (mabpwh) went in favour and serving the prophet of love and peace, and went to endure all hurt to win for him.
The research went to present some other examples of real love of the Honest Trustworthy (blessings and peace on him). Among them: mother of faithful, Safiya daughter of Hayiy, Hind daughter of Amr son of Haram, Um saad, Ansariyeh woman, um omara and Salim mulayka daughter of Milhan (may allah be pleased with them).
The research will be ended with two shining examples of loving women to the prophet (pbuh) who had put his love in their first interest. These two women are the prophet’s daughters, Grand Zineb and Fatima Alzahra.

Muabi Rrligion in the old Testament and historical givwns

Prof. Dr. Saad Aboud SammarAsst. Lect .Maytham Ali Abdul Hassan

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The search aims to study religion Almaabih in the Old Testament texts, documents, and killed archaeological disclosed in the land of Moab, and known that this region is part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (for now), and see the impact on society of the Moabite communities surrounding it, in terms of beliefs and rituals religious, especially Canaanite religion, knowledge of the vulnerability of the children of Israel and the Canaanite religion Moabite when the invasion of the land of Canaan.

The Cultural blending be tureen Talisman and Andalusia -Crafts as a case study-

Asst .Prof. Dr. Sacaco Huriyah Researcher. Maaiez Abdul kadher

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Saw diameters counting and Tin, the country of Morocco and Al-Andalus exchanged a great civilization, it emerged as its features are clear in all the political, cultural, social, economic and artistic journeys through mutual scientists, and residents of Andalusia immigrants to the country of Morocco, Vhsal affected between the two sides, contributed to the enrich those two civilizations, as well as because of its every civilization of the manifestations and original characteristics which, stemming mainly from the depth of Arab-Islamic civilization, and in our treatment of the subject, will talk brief this, a review of the most important aspects that emerged by which acculturation between Tlemcen, capital of the country of Morocco , especially during the rule of the Xian, and Andalusia that have benefited from her family Tlemcen residents experience in a lot of areas, across multiple historic stations, focusing on Sanai model for this study since many of these themes are still going on in the community Tlemceni to the current time .

(The Role of the Soviet Union in the Surrender of Japan 1945)

Asst .Prof. Dr. Hyder Abdul Reda Hassan

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Realized Joseph Stalin — unquestionable-pressing allies desire entering Soviet troops the war against Japan, and wanted to exploit this point specifically to pressure Washington and London to get several regional gains on the one hand, and returns the Tsarist Russian Empire's prestige by restoring all territory from Japanese control. After the Allied response to the demands of Moscow in several international conferences, including conferences in Yalta, Potsdam – Stalin announced on his official entry into the war on the 8th of August 1945. Since then the military balance of power shifted in favour of the allies and forced the Japanese Emperor's surrender announcement impact his allies in the fourteenth of August of the same year, a testament to the importance of the role played by the Soviet forces defeated the Japanese and the placement of a surrender announcement, stating the premise the imperative role of atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki Hiroshima in ending the war in the far East and overlook the importance of opening new Soviet-led northern front against Japan.

Lydia under the Achaemenid -almekdona- alslloukih control (547 – 133 B.c)

Asst .Prof. Dr. Iman Shamkhi Jabir

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

It inder went the kingdom of Lydia to control the Achaemenid the year 546 B.C by Cyrush II, who started to establish to acquire avast empire delay, Lydia became ruled by a civilian named Wali satrap who associated capital Match and is subject to the orders of king. But this empire collapsed, it has undergone at the hands of Alexander the Great in 334 B.C they subjected most of the Persian Empire hauling Lydia ahead settlements Greek center. His death walt Asia Minor to Antegos who lost in favor of Lysimachus they lost turn in favor of seleucus first year 281 B.C that included Li Bergamom property of the kingdom of the year 190 B.C, because of the wars between Alslloukin and the ptolemies. By the year 133 B.C, the last king of the kingdom of Bergamom granting Roman.

Science of the Quran at Imam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba (ealayhalslam)

Asst .Prof. Dr. JASIM Mohammad Ali AL-Ghurabi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace beupon the best of the creation of all of God, Muhammad and hisScience Quran is the most important sciences, and the highest,and most useful, as it is the way to understand the book of God, and knowledge of its provisionsAnd its ruling, it is a sacred science that ensured the statement ofProof of the Quranic Quran was called "Science of the Qur'an.This research is an attempt to illustrate some of these important and different sciences of the Qur'an, including the impact ofImam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba as one of the two caliphs whom the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family) commanded us to adhere to.The study mentioned some of the sciences of the Qur'aan, whichwhich were reported by the scholars about Imam al-Hasan as follows: Description of the Qur'an, in urging the reading of the Qur'an, public and private, interpretation. The work of the research on the introduction of some evidence that shows these sciences.

Mubahala of the prophet with the deligation of the Christian of Najran.

Asst .Prof. Dr. Muhsin Mishkil AL. Hijjaj

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The religious debat with the other religion religions was the most difficult of the lslamic invitation. The men were beliveres.Al. Quren mentioned the histiorical event with christion of Najran who came to AL- Medina a dis cussion was held between the two parits.The Moslems defeated the christian. The prophet asked the other party AL- Mubahala As a result the christions were afraid and asked a conciliation with Muslems

Policy of United States of American Towards Yugoslavia ( 1969-1972 ) in Terms the American Documents

Asst. Prof Dr . Ibadi Ahmed ibadi Asst . Prof. Dr. Ayman k. Hachem

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research deals with the US policy towards Yugoslavia from( 1969 – 1972). The aim of the study is to clarify the reasons and goals that make the US government to adapt this international policy that showed in reinforcing the American power in Yugoslavia through extending the political and economic relations between the two countries, and also long term goals to do essential changes in the political circumstances in Yugoslavia at that time to destroy the Soviet influence in Eastern Europe that causes the destruction of the Soviet Union, which is the main goal of the US external policy

Sayid Ahmed Khan and his Political Role in India (1863-1898)

Dr. Zeinab Kadhim Ahmed; Asst .Prof. Dr.Sibla Talal Yaseen

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Lebanon Sayid Ahmed Khan played a grat role in teaching Moslems in India when he founded the scientific association in 9th of January 1863 in city of Khazipur. One of the main objectives of this association was to translate English books of economic s, history and other disciplines in to Urdo so that Moslems could read them and learn from thnglieir content .
After that , he established Ulaikera School in 24th of May 1875 to teach and graduate people who woulh be able to engage in all aspects of life by having the necessary education and wisdom . He employed Famous English scholars like Thomas Arnold to teach in that school which became and edifice of education for those who wanted to lean .

(The Efffect of Jewish (Ahal El Kitab) on Islamic Rule and Opposition in the Rashidi Era)

Lect. Dr.Abdul Moneim Abdul Jabbar Ali

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research aims to study the impact of the Muslim people of the Book (the Jews) in the decision-making centers in the Islamic state, represented by the head of power, the caliph, and how the second and the third caliphs are affected by those people, this paper focuses on the following persons who claimed their conversion to Islam (Ka'ab Al-Ahbar, Abdullah Ben Salam, Hamran Ben Aban, Zaid Ben Thabit, Mohammed Ben Maslama and Safiya Bent Huyay. In addition to, Abdullah Ben Saba ', who tried to overthrow the concepts of the Islamic faith, but the Caliph Ali Ben AbiTalib has stopped Ben Saba' and the effect of his ideas, as it shown in this study.

Armenian issue and its impact on Turkish-US relations 1980-1991

Asst. Lect . Abbas Fenjan Saddam

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The research aims to shed light on the Armenian issue and its impact on Turkish-US relations 1980 - 1991, it has been the subject of a clear impact on overall international relations and Turkish relations-US especially, as the Turkish government opposes the efforts that have been made in the US Congress to adopt any decision to recognize the existence of "Armenian massacres", which reflected negatively on Turkish relations - the US in the period in question, and had been a factor contributed to the tension in relations between the two countries, especially after the approval of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US House of Representatives on a draft resolution is hereby what he suffered the Armenian massacres during the war World II in 1915 as a genocide, Turkey bears the legal and moral responsibility, which it has implications and effects are clear on the relations between the two countries in 1980-1991.