ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 0, Issue 21

Volume 0, Issue 21, Autumn 2017, Page 1-385

Proofing the Prophecy of Mohamed “peace be upon him” through the Psalms of David and the New Testament.

Prof. Dr. Rachid Khahoose

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research is an analitic study of a group of paragraphs from the New Testament and the Psalms of David which proof the truth of Mohamed’s (pbuh) prophecy and the promise of ex-prophets to his coming, propagation and message.
Inspite of the priests’ falsification on the Bible and the Psalms of David, and despite their efforts to obliterate all paragraphs, texts and words that indicate Mohamed’s (pbuh) prophecy, coming, status, virtues and immortal message, some signals and symbols that proof that truth remained in them.

People's reactions to the community Kufi and Shami during and after the tuff and political implications on the Umayyad dynasty

Asst .Prof. Dr. KefayahTarsh Al- Ali

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This paper deals with the reactions caused by the gentler revolution in the hearts of individuals and tribes and Islamic Alomassar then-impact news of the martyrdom of Hussein heard (peace be upon him) and his followers, which form a psychological barrier between the Umayyad and the general parish prevented their loyalty and dedication over time they cooperated with their enemies to get rid of them represent this upheaval Umayyad opposition which raised the slogan (Aaltharat Hussein) honest or to achieve other purposes has contributed to the fall of the Umayyad state in 132 AH / 749 AD

Political End caliph Ahkam God shed Minister during his reign (495-524 AH/1101-1129 AD)by virtue of the lead at the Fatimid state

Asst .Prof. Dr. Ali Saddam Nasr Allah

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

God is commanding the provisions of the Fatimid caliphs talented and powerful , and distinctiveness and strength stems from its success in ending the era of half a century of domination ministers sword and successors ruled by the Fatimid state , starting from the reign of his grand father Mustansir , specifically in the year 468 AH/1075 AD , when oztr to set Badr al-Jamali and acre as minister saif and authorized him all the powers in the Fatimid state administration , having appealed to him two years before this date in order to lej economic and administrative crisis suffered by the state , Badr and succeeded in his mission , but at the expense of the Caliph al-Mustansir authority , which moved him became the de facto ruler of the Fatimid state , and them moved these broad powers after his death in 487 AH/ 1094 AD to the best of his son , who shahinshah maximum eldest son Nizar al-Mustansirs succession contrary to the teachings of the Islamic sect , which provides for the front of the eldest son , he assigned the best of succession to the son of the youger al-Mustansir Abul-Qasim Ahmed , recognized al-Mustali , and shed he fully or semi –authoritarian Tam and lasted until his death in 495 AH/1101 AD , the best entrusting the caliphate to Ibn Mustali child Abi Ali Mansour surnamed concerned about this incident to the provisions of God and shed it for twenty years ie until the year 515 AH/1121 AD , where the commanding succeeded in this years end this abnormal situation that was not previously the Fatimid state that came to like her before , and that the assassination WWazzaralmtsult better , thus regaining his power , which robbed him , so vadt prestige to the Fatimid caliphate after losing them nearly half a century . One of the most important aspects of these authorities recovered the command can appoint Mohammed bin Fatik al-Bataihi as the ministery and the label palmomon successor to the minister the best , which means that the caliph might recovered appointment and Nichnaming authority after it has monopolized the power and incensed by the minister is best when the oldest on his appointment as the caliphate and the label was concerned about the provisions of God after the death of his father , al-Mustali the year 495 AH/1101 AD , who was also his best came to the post of succession and title of title after the death of his father Mustansir late 487 AH/1094 AD . However, the new minister of safe is the other tried to trace the former minister approach is best vistbd power does not even tried to conspiracy to commanding the caliph who pay attention well from his experience with the best hastened to rectify the matter and thwarted a safe and successful in his arrest with his brothers and a group of his family and his own in the year 519 AH/ 1125 AD Alabaster after four years of his ministry , and the oldest to assassinate him and his co-conspirators the year 522 AH/1128 AD . Since the arrest of the matter to a safe and ministers he did not take after him and he became by virtue of the state until he was assassinated in 524 AH/1129 AD .

Quraish`s Embargo on Bani Hashim in Abi Talib`s sheib

Asst .Prof. Dr. Muhsin Mishkil Fahad

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This paper studies the attempt of the tribe Quraish to exercise social and economic pressure on Bani Hashim and Bani Al – Mutallib , the tribe of prophet Mohammad (PBOH) by imposing an embargo that lasted for three years , so that they could get the prophet out and away from his relatives and then to kill him . As a result , the prophet`s uncle , Abu Talib sought refuge in a quarter in mecca called Al – sheib . Later , Quraish leaders ordered people not to sell any thing or to marry from any of the relatives of the prophet . The besieged suffered a lot and their children were heared crying of starvation .
Abu Talib played a great role to save the prophet , and he ordered his son , Ali to sleep on the prophet`s bed to mislead the unbelievers . The embargo ended with a miracle from Allah and through some effort done by some kinsfolks of Bani Hashim .

policy of Vnited States of America Towarels Polanal(1974-1969)

Lect. Dr .Abbadi Ahmed Abbadi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research deals with the US policy towards Poland from( 1969 – 1974). The aim of the study is to clarify the reasons and goals that make the US government to adapt this international policy that showed in reinforcing the American power in Poland through extending the political and economic relations between the two countries, and making use of this improvement of this relations to develop cooperation between them in solving the international problems peacefully, especially ending the war in Vietnam, and also long term goals to do essential changes in the political circumstances in Poland at that time to destroy the Soviet influence in Eastern Europe that causes the destruction of the Soviet Union, which is the main goal of the US external policy.

The position of the European troika on lrans nuclear program1997-2009

Dr. faraqid dawood salman

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Always see lran that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes,and that right to development ,because it represents An important strategy in maintaining national independence,regional and its role in the region ,this is placed between the jaws of the pliers American and European,between the first and second pressures negotiations see the troika of European countries lrans ombitions to acquire nuclear technology affects the security and stability of Europe ,therefore the lranian nuclearprogram such difficult exams lranian relations-European.

The American Economic Interests in Iran in the Era of Reza Shahpahlawi

Lect . Haider Abdilwahid Nasir AL Humaidawy

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The research deals with the economic privileges of the united states in the era of Ridha Shah Bahlawy who ruled Iran in the period from 1925 to 1941. The research includes the following issues:
1-The Iranian-American relations: a historical background.
2-The American interests in Lran after the coup hoot (February 1921).
3-The American interests and privileges in the era of Ridha Shah Bahlawy.
The research and with ageneral summary of the topic .

policy of vnited stales Chinese Invasion to Vietnam in 1979

Asst .Lect. Widad Salim Mohmmad

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The historical relations between China and Vietnam were very close. These relations were based on the mutual cooperation that china had been a great influence in Vietnam, but this influence abated gradually since 1972,especially when Vietnam became an united state in 1975, so China was very annoyed and the Chinese-Vietnamese relations were fading.
China's relations with Vietnam began to deteriorate seriously ,when Vietnam occupied Cambodia, hence China invaded Vietnam and destroyed its infrastructures, and the code name for China's invasion of the Vietnam was punitive war.

The good omen in morocco and Andalus

Asst . Lect. Afaq Lazeem Abdlu Latef

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Optimism , positive feature of the normal self leaves effects on human behavior and attitudes and cultivated the hope . it has also urges human Élan and work , It is an expression of sincere for good positive vision of hife . This was the prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him and his family ) loved good omen that has to do with work and hope, which is associated with faith in God , where he is looking forward to the hope and expect good and lasting parking faraj .
In Morocco and Andalus were optimistic with good omen pursuance to what was pursued by the Holy prophet Mohammed ( P B U H ) .

Postcolonial Binary Oppositions in Spivak's "Can the Subaltern Speak?"

Researcher. Tamara Alattiya; Dr. Hanaa Al-Bayyati

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The Binary Opposition is defined as a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. In structuralism, a binary opposition is seen as a fundamental organizer of human philosophy, culture, and language.Claude Lévi-Strauss adopted the Binary Opposition Theory. He was influenced by several leading theorists including Saussure, Jakobson, Boas, Mauss, Trubetzkoy, Rousseau and Marx(Swan, 2011). According to Francesca Marinaro, Binary Opposition is "a key concept in structuralism, a theory of sociology, anthropology and linguistics that states that all elements of human culture can only be understood in relation to one another and how they function within a larger system or the overall environment"(Marinaro, n.d.). Binary oppositions in cultural studies explore the relationships between different groups of people, for instance: upper-class and lower-class boundaries between groups of people lead to prejudice and discrimination. One group may regard the opposite group (the other) a threat. The binary opposition in literature is a system that writers employ to discover differences between groups of individuals, like cultural, class or gender differences(Marinaro, n.d.).