ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 0, Issue 20

Volume 0, Issue 20, Autumn 2017, Page 1-399

Eygpt in the Holly Qur'an from A Historical and Linguistic Perspectives

Adam Muhammad Hassan Al- Bakr; Al-Tahir Al- Noor Ahmed

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Koran the book of God home and alive to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, a miraculous can not human beings that produce the like Surat, therefore comes bottoms featured Holy Quran in the formulation of their Meanings In his thoughts, and the Koran vocabulary and compositions, and language was clear when he dropped them.
Tji this study based on the semantics Koran in the mentioned country's communities and stable life in which most received within expressions most reluctant "country" and "Country" and "The Village" and "Earth" stated Egypt has said a lot of the early Muslims and others about the virtues of Egypt, and this came the search for Egypt in the Holy Quran (meaning Egypt in the Holy Quran from a historical and linguistic perspective) according to the descriptive historical method description and analysis in order to reach a conclusion and indicators dealt with political life conditions in ancient Egypt through the verses of the Quran that talked about the story of Moses and Joseph, peace be upon them . With some of the references in the Torah hint.

Babylon ; Parthian Age ; (141 B.C-226 A.D)

Saad Abood Sammar

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The research aims at studying Babylon during the Parthian age (141 B.C-226 A.D) And includes two prefaces: The origin of the name (Parthian) and their origin. It also gives a glance about the establishment of their royalty. Then the research tackles their conquer of Babylon (153 B.C) and they reconquered it again in ( 126 B.C) later on, they settled in Babylon (126 B.C) The research deals with the political sides that Babylon witnessed during that period and their struggle with the Seleucids and Characene (Mesene) to control Babylon. Then it talks about their struggle with the Roman which weakened them and eventually led to their fall. The research discusses the administrative side of Babylon which has lost its status as being a sacred capital, even though it stayed as a religious capital. Finally, the research mentions the main economical sides that the Babylonian occupied, beside the social and religious sides.

Trade in Ancient Egypt in the Days of Old Middle and Modern state (2850-1085) B . C

Iman shamkhi Jabir

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Trade was a cornerstone of the ancient Egyptian economy , and a contributer to the income imports , Egypt had business relationships with many of the neighboring countries , because of the need for raw materials for construction , industry , and agriculture besiede exporting Egyptian goods outside . Initially trade was to exchange of surplus agricultural , then the state was able to export the surplus and determine the country needs . In the old state era tradebeganwith 'Nubia' and the Lebanese coast cities . In the middle era trade re bounded by securing the roads and establishing Forst , trade centers ,providing military protection , and connecting Nile river in the red sea by opening channels to Facilitate river vessels passage . The commercial a ctivity arrived to the islands of Agean and crete . In the modern state era the trade evolved largely because of the military operation s , diplomatic relations and political affinity .

The bases of differentiation at the beginning of Islam ( 1-41 AH 622-661 AD)

Adil Ismaeel khaleel

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Islam has the characteristic of justice and equity for it does not deny the rights and freedom in the society. Islam puts every Moslems in his right place through what he produces of contributions and scrifices for the Islam doctrine which he believes in and for what he carries of experiences and qualifications to serve the socity and mass media . The differenetiation in Islam has different critera and various considerations that Islam depends on from the beginning of the message of Islam . These Principles and critera remain strong for everyone who takes the responsibility of the Moslem's society. This differeniation is free and sound far away from injustice and patronage for this differentiation was practised with loyality, justice and fear of Allah and giving everyone his rights.

Islam Faith in the revdation Hosseinieh Preparation

Taiseer Ahmaeed Abal Alricabi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The question was raised in myself for Imam Hussein, a revolution, it is infallible Imam revolution against injustice and tyranny of the Umayyad caliphate? As Imam Hussein, he said peace (what came out Asherah not elated, but I went out to demand reform in the nation seriously) Is this reform, which meant in front of us is a religious duty upon the Imam of the infallible done, or is it the wisdom of the divine has been recommended by the Bari to the Prophet of Mercy Muhammad sallallaahu ' him and his family singled out Mustafa and his son Hussein, peace be upon him as it is known from frequent conversations that told by the Prophet that (for the killing and have Hussein heat in the hearts of the faithful is never cool), and do when Zahra peace be upon her visited by Hassan peace be upon him in it and Hussein in his neck. I asked him Zahra why it Vsrah testify on Ramda Karbala, which shows that the revolution of Imam Hussein) is not infallible Bgah revolt against the tyrants; but there is a divine judgment Senbgesh in the body of our study, God willing.

The impact of the working material in the suppression of the revolution of Imam Hussein (A.S)

Ali Saddam Nasr Allah

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This search for shed light the affect of material factor in suppressing the revolution of Imam Hussein (as) , this factor is one of the most prominent manifestations of love , is very dangerous , not without all the time and place of the presence of humans took them love , and then they are ready to sacrifice her religion and beliefs – that they are actually owners of religion and principles – to promises of money and positions and prestige , indifferent in that Lome match , because the love of worldly the forget them took male God.
The eternal battle of Taf from the leading almsadik on this physical mundane direction which flourishes in the hearts of many Muslims , Or what so - called Muslims and Islam whome Harris , push them to the treachery of the Imam Hussein (as) and join the camp of the enemies of the Umayyads , and suppress the revolution brutally wendy her brow history , they do this criminal blot not cancelled with a succession of night and day.

Foreign Relations for the Islamic State During the Prophet Era

Muhsin Miskil Fehed

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research studies relations of the Islamic state with the great powers during the era of prophet Mohammad ( PBUH) . To know the political and military Variables during this period , we should first define the kinds of relation that were there before the start of the prophet`s mission . Those relations were characterized by struggle and wars between Persia and Bezentia to expand and control the areas of influence . Abyssenia entered as a pole in this struggle beside Bezentia after converting to Christianity . After start of the prophet`s mission , the political map changed because Bezentia defeated Persia and Abyssenia was neuteralized by the diplomatic means that the Moslem emigrants used there .
The Bezention state was left suffering in its struggle with the Young Islamic state .

The Democracy of Reconciliation According to Hezboallah

Asad Kadim Shibieb

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Hezboallah, one of the influential parties in Lebanon established in 1985, secured not in a long time ago a political game, The Democracy of Reconciliation, as means to share the power among the Lebanese disputing parties and sects. Hezboallah’s first political participation was in 1992 after accepting the collective reconciling work, which is known as “lebananah”, to make Lebanese. Therefore, Hezbollah accepted the democracy of reconciliation as foundation to distribute various authorities among the Lebanese parties as a temporary solution. Hezbollah staff thought even though that the democracy of reconciliation was a political solution, there were some critical observations, which indicated that it would increase the social division.

The American Operation of Mongoose against Cuba 1961-1962

Ebady A. Ebady; Ayman K. Hachem

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

It is a military operation led by General Edward targeted to undermine the Cuban regime led by Fidel Castro in Cuba through thirty-two planning task, across six stages begins in March until November 1962 during which the intelligence agency operations and activities and intelligence espionage to sabotage operations in Cuba, as well as prepared by the Ministry of Defence Toary plan to provide military support of the US armed forces in the case of the Cuban people to ask for help, that is assigning these operations a political and diplomatic support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Human rights violations in Libya and its impact on the fall of the rule of President Muammar Gaddafi 2011

Araa Gasem Mohammed

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The research aims to shed light on the abuses practiced by President Muammar Gaddafi in Libya (1969-2011) with the principles of human rights in Libya, although Gaddafi declared that the people is the source of all authorities, but it is, in fact, committed clear violations of human rights, which led to a popular revolution which ended with death Gaddafi on the twentieth of October of 2011 ,with external assistance, most notably NATO to receive the Transitional National Council ruling.

The Ransom of Prisoners of the Muslims from the Christians in Andalusia

Hammed faraj flayyih; AbuTalib zayid khalaf

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research deals with the ransom of the captives of muslims in return of captives of Christians in Andalusia from 487-658H- 1094-125A.d. the research aims at explain the religious dispute between the Muslims and Christians on this lssue in Andalusia during this period . the research proves that the captives had been no human principalities ; and many of captives of muslims were persecuted and killed by C hristians . the muslims treated the C aptives of Christians in Human manner and released of captives in return of money etc .