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Volume 0, Issue 18

Volume 0, Issue 18, Summer 2017, Page 1-408

Padis the city of the country side in Morrco

Omar Ashhabar

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research deals with the history of theIslamic city of padis. This city once prevailed as one of the Landmarks on the shors of the Mediterranean sea in the far west. It participated in forming parts of the isLamic west history and the openness of marroco to the out side,espesiaLy AndaLusia.The city was characterized by different aspects which emphasize its civilization.
prevailed as one of the Landmarks on the shors of the Mediterranean sea in the far west. It participated in forming parts of the isLamic west history and the openness of marroco to the out side,espesiaLy AndaLusia.The city was characterized by different aspects which emphasize its civilization.
Itwitnessed adeveLopment that include the utiLities which distinguished the sLamic cities during the middle ages . it was aLso famous for its religion and scientific significance and the reception of an impartant AndaLusin migration and a prominent economic activity.

Economic dependence in Islam between theory and practice)

Alaa Abd ul Hammed Faisal; Shukri Nasir Abdul Hasan

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

We tried in the research to identify first the concept of class language idiomatically and then identify the economic class when the Arabs before Islam and then identify the position of Islam class economic theory, through Koranic verses and contained in its interpretation for Imams peace be upon them, and then identify the position of power the official of this theory has been applied and whether on the ground or not? What is the position of the Imams of this theory?

The Geographical Thought of Zuhri and his efforts to show the of Andalus historical Aspect through his famous Book " Geography "

sabah khabit Azeez Saeed

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

• This paper focus to study one of important Geographers , Abu Bakr AL¬-Zuhri and his effort in describing Andalus .
• AL-Zuhri , abu abdulah –dead in mid six century 1154 AB , and his 549 AH who goatherd between the geographical knowledge and a rich historical details , which get him a supreme degree in the Arab heritage after he getting special prestige after he getting benefits from ex authors and became one of the important geographical authors in That era , since he put important part of the Arab geographical thought and the Arab heritage .
• We endeavored to show in this Pper the important aspects of the Andalus geographer AL-zuhri methodology . which he inherited it from previous Arab scientist in spite his endeavoring to but independent methodology in geography field Specially when he write about The Andalus Land.
• We focus in this paper to shed lights on the aspects AL-Zuhri dealt with it in his describing The Andalus Land in which seemed his describe The Andalus by using a rich knowledge got it from his travels . previous inheriting the previous knowledge and , the environment in Which he grow , especially the city of Marya Which appeared in many part from his essential books.

Isolationism and Mysticism in Basrah and the Influence of the Remains of the coming CuLts from the East Since the Beginnig of the First Abbasid Period

Abd ul Ridha Jiad AL Huseinawy

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Basrah, during it history contributed in improving the thoughtful movement in the Islamic world ,especially in the first Abbasid period .
Basrah in this period witnessed moderation and brotherhood among its people whichare composed of a socialed unity with cultural characteristics In Basrah mysticism developed more and more based on philosophical and spiritual bases .A group or sect of people who adopted mental resignation .
Both ,isolationists and mystics activated in improving the science of speech in this town,There is no doubt ,that the coming cults from the east had influences on both schools in basrah.

The Strategy of Consultation at the beginning of Islam

Adil Ismaeal Khalil

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Consultation, at the beginning of Islam, has a great effect in the unity of Islamic Nation and its construction and progress, The Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) has set the first grain of it. He described the importance of consultation and applied its system upon himself in different aspects that he has encountered. This grain has is fruits at the Caliphs era , when they applied it in their religious and worldly life for they hold what God orders them in His Great Book (The Quran) and following their teacher the great Prophet Mohammed.
Consultation is a successful system to manage the state in order to achieve security peace , prosperity and progress, for the cooperation through consultation is a way to achieve justice, and to achieve the intentions of the forgiven Sharia. The consultation is subjected to the principles of the spirit of Islam which maintain for humanity the right of expression the freedom of choice in many subjects that are seen very important without any pressure or compulsion in electing or choosing the best to rule and other things.

The Role of India in the Separation of Eastern Pakistan 1971 and the Attitude of The Soviet union

khawla Talib Lafta

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

After independence in 1947, India played an important role in the political arena, in general, and the Asian arena, in particular. This demonstrated through a variety of effective and influential stances and interventions.
From here comes this research to address the significant role of India in the birth of one of the Asian countries, that is Bangladesh as a result of events hit East Pakistan in 1971.
This study is of several parts including the nature of political, social, economic affairs in the East Pakistan from 1947 – 1971, which led to an explosion in the last year.
The other part covers the Indian role in the events of East Pakistan through disclosing the stance of the Indian leadership in these events, then their direct military intervention to support Bangladesh in addition to support them in the United Nations and Security Council.
The last part sheds light on the Soviet Union's stance from the East Pakistan's events and Indian intervention there. That stance had an effective role in supporting both of India and Bengal, and then the advent of the Republic of Bangladesh.

The redemption of Muslim prisoners of Christians in Andale's until the end of the age of sects (103-481h / 721-1088m)

Hussain J. Mechatel

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Release normal condition may fall in war, so be gentle Islam recommended in the treatment of prisoners and not insulted, and urged to speed up the released from captivity after the fighting ended.
And inextricably Muslim prisoners who fall into the hands of the enemy is an urgent need them for fear of sedition or apostasy, so it recommended the rulers of Islam and Muslims to seek uniform units to swap prisoners and to release them released from the hands of the enemies.
Accordingly, we have formed the idea of research, particularly that of the constant wars between Muslims and Christians in Andale's and has spawned a number of Muslim prisoners in the hands of the Christians.
The research methods and techniques, followed by Muslims and pursued in escape their captives since opening the year until 481 AH / 1088 AD when Andale's stationed came under the rule, as it was the beginning of their rule for the AL Moravides'los of a new phase in its history.

Social Pronauns in the Akadia Language

Adil Hashim

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This paper is a comprehensive review of all pronouns in Akkadian in comparison with pronouns in Arabic language. The first chapter dealt with separate and related pronouns in Akkadian.
The second chapter dealt with the reflective pronouns that lack them Akkadian language and non-existent in the Arabic language, but used some words that indicated pronouns reflex like the word ((ramānu) which means "personal" and in Arabic (myself or self) as well as section pointed out pronouns It noted that in the Arabic language and the names of reference of this rating grammar differences between the two languages are set out in the search..

Political Development in India (1905-1918)

Sabla Talal yaseen

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The research takes 1905as a starting point .That year witnessed dividing the Bengal in to two regions one for the Moslems and the other for the Hindus After the one year the Moslem league was established in 30th of December 1906 to be a representative of moslems .vis-a- vis the Congress Party.of the Hindus When the First world War started in1914the twoparties had different positions the moslems led by Muhammad Ali Janah refused to take part in the war whie the hindi leader Ghandi called his Followers to support Britain in this war.

Study in its The Labour Movement in Iraq: A Political Trends

Majid Salman Hussain

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The development of the Labour Movement in Iraq is not much different from the development of the Labour Movement in the Third World, where Trade Unions led a bitter struggle for this class against slavery, exploitation and dictatorship. So the ruling regimes tried to make the demands of the working class confined to the narrow demands only concern them and tried to keep them away from the national forces that are struggling to save the country from these regimes. But, the leaders of the labour movement realized that they can not achieve its broad objectives in order to build a unified democratic society, without working with other community groups to form a real tool aiming at achieving the best interests of the people for change and building an advanced society. Therefore, this research studies the development of the labour movement in Iraq, since its beginning, and its role in the national movement and the study of its Political Trends.