ISSN: 1818-0346

Volume 0, Issue 15

Volume 0, Issue 15, Summer 2017, Page 1-350

The prophecy of Allah messenger Mohammed (God's blessing and peace be upon him ) in Birnabu Bible

Rachid Khahoose

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research aims to reveal the indication of Allah messenger Mohammed (God's blessing and peace be upon him) in Birnab bible. This bible was read and taught up to the mide of the fifth century.
And in the fif th century, the patriarch (( Gelesiose prohibited reading this bible and ordered to execute the one who copyed it . then In the sixteenth century, ucopy of this bible was found by the priest Framerino in the library of romes patriarch skins After reading the bible, he knew clear information about the last propht and his name is Ahmed so Framerino took out this bible from the pope library and annouuced his becoming muslim. This bible was translated to Arabic by Rachid Ridduh in Egypt.

Architectural Achievements Of Assyrian Kings In Neighboring Countries (911-612 BC.)

Dr. Ahmed Zeidan AL-Hadeedy

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The purpose of the research is to study the architectural achievements of the Assyrian kings in the neighboring countries .Mostly , that had been performed after the end of the military campaigns which was as a policy to mean the annexation of the old Near East countries to the Assyrian kingdom during its modern age ( 612 – 911 BC. ) , through building up what had been destroyed by the Assyrian war machine and mending buildings , as well as,changing the names of many cities to denote pure Assyrian meanings .The Assyrian kings had had political , economic and social motives as it has been come out through their royal annals.

The starting of money Concept and its Development from the 7th. Century B.C. Up to the 7th. Century A.C.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Gintab Al Kahbi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

Currency appeared in a step of a cultural developmental phase. Resources show that the first coin deliberation in history was in 700 B.C. in ancient Lydia kingdom to the west of minor Asia. It seems that Lydians took the idea from the Assyrians and developed it. The use of coins in Greek was late and restricted, in compare with Lydia kingdom, only in big cities. The King Dara (522-486 B.C.) was the first one who made the silver and golden coins in ancient Iran. The currency system was highly developed in Romans state due to the existence of gold mines in its colonies. But the pre-Islamic Arab knew and dealt with Greek currency. They continued using the Byzantine and Sassanies currency (Dinar and Dirham) after the establishment of Islamic state in 622 A.D. but with Arabic-Islamic statements and epigraphy; until the first an independent Arabic-Islamic currency was made in 696 A.D. ( 77 A.H.).

"The Historical Roots of the Slaves Phenomena of the People of the Ancient Ages, and the Arabsof Peninsula before Islam. A Historical Study"

Ali Kasar al-Ghazali

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This study involves "The Historical Roots of the Slaves Phenomena of the People of the Ancient Ages, and the Arabs of Peninsula before Islam. A Historical Study" , This is because some people try to control some people of their own mankind. It was practiced by most of the ancient nations, where it was practiced against the captives of wars, and were forced to do very hard and tiring works.

The Geographical Writing by the Arab Before Islam up to the End of the Abbasid state ( a study in the Historical Geography )

Mohammad Zbari Monis

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

the geographic phenomena , whether natural or human influenced the human life and try to be expressed by poetry which trans furred as in the pre-Islamic period or written as by a number of factors . The blogging movement affected geographic such as location and climate , other are human factors such as political , administrative , religious and economic.

The Activity of Spies and pioneers in Andalusia during emirate and caliphate periods 138-422. A. h/ 755-1031 A.D

Sabah khabit Aziz

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

دأب الحكام والسلاطين في كل زمان ومكان على تثبيت أركان دولهم باعتمادهم على أعداد كبيرة من العيون بهدف جمع المعلومات كي تكون وسيلة فاعلة في حسم طبيعة الصراع بين المؤسسة الحاكمة والجهات المعارضة ، وقد تكون واحدة من أهم أساليب الاختراق أحيانا والتخلص من الشخصيات المناوئة أحيانا أخرى ،فضلا عن بث الإشاعة وتحقيق هدف الانهيار النفسي والمعنوي للقوى المعادية .

Basri Scientific Impact on the Andulsian Culture

Akram Hussein Ghadhban

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The Andulstian culture was an important one in the human history . It attracted the different kinds scientific impacts as a result of its direct and indirect contact with cultures and civilization of different nations and peoples . Since Basrah was on of the famous oriental Islamic region that was rich of its scientific heritage , it became the focus of attention of the Andulsians who travelled to Basrah looking for more science and to learn more of what Basri scholar could provide of science and knowledge to take it back to Andulsia and make use of it . Consequently , those Andulsians contributed a lot to transforming much of the Basri scientific effects to the Andulsian culture .

Gradation in Teaching Approaches Among Muslims

Adil Ismael Khlil

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The curriculum in Arab Islamic state is gradual sequential steps, singularity in essence means education on the size of each child, and these steps are reserved and familiar to the educator and teacher and each learner go through them, but in full compatibility with the effort and abilities and aptitudes.
From here years of education and achievement in office and school vary in capacities of individual students, for this the role of scientists was clear and obvious to intervene in ways that academic and vocational cope with the situations and tendencies of each individual.

The American Withdrawal from Wheelus Base, Libya 1970

Ibraheem Finjan AL-Amara

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The paper covers the importance of Wheelus base in Libya and its importance to the bilateral relations between Libya and America from the independence of Libya in 1951 to the Revolution of 1969. The study investigates the American withdrawal in 1970 concentrating on the regional local and international variables that resulted from the revolution or were concurrent to it that pushed the Nixon administration to withdraw. One of these variables was American petroleum interest in the area and the fear from being subjected to danger. The new Libyan regime at that time adopted a nationalistic policy by supporting the Egyptian president Jamal Abdul Nasser and launching enmity towards Israel .

The Marxian Criticism of nature Argument

Akeel Sadiq Al Assadi

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

The current paper tries to figure out the Marxist criticism to the argument about nature and the attitudes of the Marxist critics towards this important issue in Marxist philosophy. It is known that Marxist made argument law as one of the major laws and foundation in building their own philosophy. But in this concern, some of the Marxist thinkers refused generalization of argument about nature for they believe that such thinking can be regarded as aggression from Marxist principles. Thus the current paper focuses on opinions of those critics to argument about nature and their ideas and proofs in this regards.

The Thesis of Acquaintance of Civilizations to Zaki Al Milad Political Dimension and Intellectual Base

Qais N. Rahai

Journal of Historical studies, In Press

This research aims to study the thesis of acquaintance of civilizations to Zaki Al Milad to stand on the model tries to explain world politics after the Cold War, and its model defines himself as an anti-draft clash of civilizations to Huntington, and Al Milad tries to bases on the Koran in order to understand political event, and he employs bases of moral and linguistic-bases, in result, the discourse of acquaintance will be it true between peoples and tribes at the beginning of its inception and has cutting rights to great lengths and distant in this way a believer that difference and agreement represent the plurality and diversity.